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What does a good Dental Lab do?   See Future Challenges for the Doctor-Technician Team, Dentistry Today, September 2008

In 1883, the dental profession had its first dental lab pioneer, Dr. W.H. Stowe. Known for his special processes and skills in fabricating prosthetic devices, he concentrated a large portion of his practice constructing appliances for other dentists. The demand for his services initiated dentists' outsourcing of services for dental prosthetic devices. By 1910, commercial dental laboratories were under the administration of dental lab technicians. The work of the laboratory technician within the dental team went on to become indispensable whenever prosthesis was indicated in the patient's treatment plan.

The primary responsibilities of a dental lab include: following instructions and specifications written in the patient's prescription; good customer relations that include close communications with the dentist (initiating phone calls or e-mails if questions arise regarding shade, preferred materials, type and design of an appliance or restoration, etc.); identifying defects on the impression or master model received from the dentist; following dental material specifications to minimize distortion; proper infection control of prosthetic devices entering and leaving the laboratory; negotiating an agreement related to fees for services rendered and turnaround time, including the method of pick-up and delivery; observance of state board regulations for dental laboratories and staying abreast of new materials and procedures through ongoing continuing education.

Challenges brought about by today's technological advances in dental materials and techniques (i.e., pressable ceramics, CAD/CAM technology, digital impression systems, and continuous advances in dental implants) have demanded ongoing continuing education for the dentist and dental lab technician. This educational process for dental lab technicians is of special benefit for the dentist who cannot keep up with all the technical information and may, in fact, depend upon the dental lab technician as a consultant in the design or material makeup of the prosthetic appliance prescribed. Opening communication channels through continuing education that is complementary for the dentist and dental lab technician will result in the best treatment options for the patient. A survey of 114 dental laboratories in the United States revealed that a lack of communication existed between dental lab technicians and dentists when materials and techniques used for implant fabrication were involved.

Improved communication channels will minimize complications in patient treatment options. A trustworthy communication process between the dentist, the patient and the dental lab technician is fundamental for the success of a case.

With Assured Dental Lab, you can be certain that our communication processes and quality control standards will minimize complications with patient treatment options. We believe that communication skills are fundamental to the success of each case and we are exceedingly good at communicating!
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