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Your Practice Demands Excellent and Comprehensive Dental Lab Services
One of the most critical decisions that a dentist will make is choosing his/her dental laboratory partner. It has far-reaching financial and emotional consequences for the dental practice and patients. Dentists rank quality and consistency as the most important factors that they look for when selecting a dental laboratory. Good communication, the laboratory's reputation and turnaround time also rank high among the factors they desire in a laboratory. According to the same survey1, approximately 33% of dentists say they have changed laboratories in the past two years, with the majority stating that inconsistency was the reason for their need to switch.

In order to be an asset to a practicing dentist, we, at Assured Dental Laboratory, modeled our business philosophy and practices to meet the needs of dentists. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, apparently not or 33% of dentists would not be changing dental laboratories every two years, placing their practices at emotional and financial risks.

At Assured Dental Laboratory, we understand the full consequences of chair time, stress, relationships, referrals, practice image and profits. Our relationships begin with honesty and we hold perfection as an attainable goal. Our dental lab services meet quality standards case by case. Our remake percentage is less than 2.5% well below industry standards and we consistently strive to be better.

Our dental lab services consist of only FDA approved materials, offered by highly recognized manufacturing companies, quality workmanship, technical support, on-time service and open communication. Continuing education is also a priority for our staff and we strive to keep dentists abreast of innovative products that also meet the economic challenges of today. All of the components  of our dental lab services are in alignment to improve the quality of laboratory work, decrease stress, reduce remakes and increase profits.

We understand that you, the dentist, wish to provide the very best for your patients. You spend enormous amounts of time acquiring the technical skills to achieve your practice goals. We, at Assured Dental Laboratory can help you to realize those dreams—forge a long-term relationship with a like-minded laboratory that delivers excellent and comprehensive dental lab services.

Let us make a difference in your dental practice and in lives of your patients!

"While an associate after dental school, I used the lab that my employer used and I wasn't fond of their crown and bridgework (the PFMs' margins were ugly and I had to adjust the contacts on most of the crowns). I found an ad in a dental journal and I decided to try Assured Dental Lab in 2008. Now that I have my own practice, I still use them because they send me what I want... great looking restorations with minimal adjustments needed.

Thanks Assured for reducing my chairtime!"

- Jamie Cameron, DDS, Carnegie, OK