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Use of Flexible Removable Partial Dentures Skyrockets
Advancements in reconstructive dentistry utilizing aesthetic materials and adhesive bonding techniques have given the dentist a new perspective on the treatment options available to patients. Some dentists, however, overlook patients who, due to economic and/or anatomical limitations, are not candidates for this type of dentistry. There are many clinical and financial situations where the removable prosthetic alternative is clearly the correct treatment choice.

Identifying and prescribing dental products that accommodate your patient's dental and economic needs can make a tremendous difference in practice success. The use of aesthetic flexible removable partial dentures has skyrocketed over the last several years. Patient success is high since these appliances can be extremely aesthetic. Some practitioners avoid removable procedures because of the need to perform ongoing adjustments to the prosthesis. As with any treatment, however, adjustments must be performed in accordance with the dynamic structural change the body undergoes as it adapts to the aging and resorptive process. A properly designed, exquisitely constructed, and well-supported removable prosthesis can require as few adjustments as its fixed counterpart. Additionally, with careful planning and proper sequencing of treatment, removable partial dentures or full dentures can be very desirable aesthetic options.

Dentists who continue to hone their skills in removable prosthodontics can expect to provide these services to a multitude of patients and will experience increased referrals from these previously underserved individuals.