Dentures, Flexible Partial Dentures & Nightguards

Dentures, full-cast and flexible partial dentures and nightguards continue to be sought-after appliances that clinicians provide to their edentulous and aesthetic-seeking patients. Although the clinical techniques for removables haven’t changed throughout the years, clinicians can count on Assured Dental Lab to stay abreast of the latest materials and processing technologies to assist them when providing dentures, full-cast and flexible partial dentures and nightguards to patients.

“Whether you work with our crown and bridge, dentures, flexible partial dentures, nightguards, implants or our appliance departments, we’re a great resource for you. We utilize the latest technology to offer the quality, the consistency and the predictability that you’re looking for chairside–which is going to make the difference of 5-minute seats instead of 40-minute seats.”

Richard Trout, C.D.T. , Removable Department Manager

Removable Partial & Denture Solutions

Aesthetic Flex™ Partial

Aesthetic Flex™ is an innovative, advanced thermoplastic partial solution that delivers comfort and clear clasp material offers superior aesthetics for high patient satisfaction.

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Remarkably resistant to stains and odors; won’t discolor
  • Thin, yet virtually unbreakable
  • Flexible and translucent for high patient satisfaction
  • Easy to adjust and polish

Full-Cast Partials

Full-Cast Partials represent an excellent practical and affordable prosthetic choice available for your patients. Even though full-cast partials are made of stronger materials, they are less bulky. They fit better and last longer, providing years of comfort for your patient.

  • Non-Allergenic (nickel and beryllium free)
  • Unsurpassed memory
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Beautiful polishability


Dentures continue to play a significant role in dentistry. Our complete dentures are designed to be comfortable, retentive and less prone to cracking and staining than other materials; meeting the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Acrylic is also less susceptible to accidental breakage and generally better for denture patients with bone loss. Heat curing provides for maximum strength and fit.

  • Economy Denture – Lucitone-199® Acrylic
  • Standard Denture – Lucitone-199® Acrylic
  • Premium Denture – Ivocap Heat Injected

DreamGuard™ 3D printed

DreamGuard represents revolutionary, digital printing production of nightguards and splints. The process ensures high-quality, unparalleled design and precision fit. It’s your dream come true with minimal chairside adjustments and exceptional patient comfort!

Benefits for Clinicians:

  • Send traditional PVS or digital impressions
  • Provide patients quicker turnaround time
  • No need for rework or patient visit to replicate lost/damaged splints due to digital file storage
  • Indications: nightguards and splints

Benefits for Patients:

  • Rigid outside/soft inside; flexible for patient comfort
  • Transparent, resistant to staining
  • High impact resistance, less likely to break or fracture

Nightguard – Laminated

The laminated Nightguard, designed for moderate to heavy teeth grinding, offers ease of jaw muscle pain and protects teeth against grinding damage. The guard is rigid on the outside offering excellent protection while the inner soft ensures comfort and fit.

Nightguard – Hard

The hard Nightguard, designed to protect dentition from teeth grinding and clenching, can be worn at night or during the day to provide occlusal comfort. Custom fit that ensures maximum rigidity and strength.

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