Create and Protect Those Winning Smiles With Our Orthodontic Lab

Our orthodontic lab offers a variety of appliances. Our space maintainers, functional appliances and retainers are crafted by our certified technicians with the highest precision.

For years, there have been studies stating misaligned teeth is a contributing factor to lower levels of self-esteem. More recently, when meeting by Zoom, the screen hours have amplified the importance of teeth aesthetics, and hence, escalating lower levels self-esteem issues. These factors have contributed to the rise of cosmetic cases in orthodontic care. These numbers are only expected to continue to increase. Clear aligners currently represents a $3.1B market and is projected to see rapid growth reaching $17B by 2028, predicted from a Grand View Market Analysis Report.

According to the ADA, it has also been reported that there is a rise in individuals visiting clinicians for stress-related conditions, such as clenching and teeth grinding. These conditions cause headaches, muscle pain and damage to teeth and gum tissues. Some individuals may seek over-the-counter help, but as you know there is much greater success in quality and protection with custom-fabricated, dual-laminated, dentist-prescribed appliances. 

When working with a patient to protect their teeth and improve their self-esteem, partner with our orthodontic lab. We’re equipped to help create and protect those winning smiles that your patients are seeking!

At Assured Dental Lab, we offer our clinicians the state-of-the-art appliances to help their patients who struggle with stress-related conditions, such as clenching and teeth grinding, and patients who are wanting to protect their teeth and gum tissues. As the orthodontic industry continues to grow and evolve given the desire of individuals to create and maintain the perfect smile, we continually keep abreast of technological developments to meet the needs of our clinicians. We are committed to offering the latest functional appliances, such as custom mouthguards or expanders, retainers and space retainers that will always be crafted by our certified technicians with the highest precision. Our orthodontic lab will support you in creating beautiful smiles for your patients

Richard Trout, C.D.T.

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