The Assured Dental Lab Commitment

“We invest in technology and the continuing education of our technicians, while forming alliances with innovative manufacturers and upholding high standards of operation. We invest in such practices to assure you of the quality, the consistency and the predictability of our dental restorations and services–all things you can depend on when chairside.”

Eric Kraus, President Assured Dental Lab

Assured Dental Lab has been delivering high-quality dental restorations and services to assure success among dentists across North America since its onset of over twenty years.

We invest heavily in innovative technology and experienced, certified technicians to gain and maintain your trust while chairside. As a full-service dental lab, we will always deliver quality, consistency and predictability so you can focus on improving smiles–patient after patient.

Digital Technology

Digital impressions are quickly becoming the gold standard for creating crown & bridge and removable dental restorations. The traditional methods of taking dental impressions are being displaced by the increased accuracy and consistency of digital impressions.

Our clinicians are experiencing increased production and an uptick in business led by more patient referrals when utilizing digital technology. Our full-service dental lab offers shortened turnaround time, case accuracy, ease of delivery and minimal chairside adjustments.

Thanks to digital impressions, the future of dental practice growth is looking bright! Click for digital impressions services available.


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