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For over 20 years, Assured Dental Lab has been a leader in crafting dental restorations.

We understand dentists need to focus on their patients’ smiles. That’s why our experienced and certified technicians handle the technical side using cutting-edge technology.

We promise consistent, high-quality results every time, so you can be confident your patients are getting the best. Case after case.

A man in a lab coat diligently operates a machine while working on a dental prosthetic in a high quality dental lab setting.

The Assured Dental Lab Commitment

“We invest in technology and the continuing education of our technicians, while forming alliances with innovative manufacturers and upholding high standards of operation. We invest in such practices to assure you of the quality, the consistency and the predictability of our dental restorations and services–all things you can depend on when chairside.”

Eric Kraus, President

Digital Technology

Picture of a piece of high quality dental lab equipment.

Digital impressions are taking over for creating crowns, bridges, and removable dentures.

Why? They’re simply more accurate and consistent, leading to better results.

Our dentists are seeing a boost in production, happier patients with fewer adjustments needed, and more referrals thanks to digital technology.

We offer fast turnaround times, precise restorations, and hassle-free delivery for your convenience.


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Working with us is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Digital Impressions

Sending a digital impression? We make it easy.


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Why choose us? We could tell you how we check every box, but it’s more credible coming from your peers.

“Great group of CDTs. Fixed and removables have all been great! Thanks all of you.”

I am so pleased with the crown and bridge work you provide for me. The contours, margins and esthetics are great. I love that I no longer have to grind away the beautiful anatomy for occlusal adjustments like I used to have to do with other labs. We hardly have any adjustments at all.”

“For several years, this dental lab has consistently delivered high quality work for me. Eric provides quality service, working closely with me with great communication and accommodation, so that I can give my patients the best possible care, even in emergency situations that require faster than usual turnaround times. Highly recommend!”

“I’m so happy with your lab.  I love dropping on a crown with perfect margins and minimal adjustments consistently.”

“Today I delivered two Aesthetic Flex partials with multiple teeth and clasps, a free end–lots of things that could have been an issue. They both fit beautifully, my patient was pleased with appearance and it was one of the easiest deliveries I’ve done in 40 years of practice. The lab was easy to work with, responsive when I had questions about shipping time, and the case was delivered on time, carefully packaged. How wonderful to be free of cast chrome!”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve, Eric, and the entire Assured team for six years now and I have full trust in their ability to consistently deliver outstanding customer service to my team and high-quality restorations for our patients. They are truly an extension of my practice.”

“Crowns fit A+ and Steve/Eric are amazing on the customer service side!”

“I have become a very skeptical person over the span of my career; marketing and false promises have ingrained that in me. Assured Dental Lab actually can do what they say – period!”

“I’ve been using this lab since 2011. Great products and great communication. I appreciate their integrity and willingness to go the extra mile.”

“Delivered a cast post core and e.max® crown made by these folks. The post fit beautifully and the crown was perfection. No adjustments needed. Not the first perfect case they have done for us, and I imagine not the last. Knocked it out of the park. Well done.”