Customer Service Commitment

At Assured Dental Lab, we understand the importance of quality, consistency, chair time, patient satisfaction, turnaround time and operating profit for a dental practice. Our relationships begin and are maintained with clear communication and we hold perfection as an attainable goal. Our dental lab services meet high-quality standards case after case.

Our remake percentage is less than 2.5, well below industry standards, and we consistently strive to be better.

Guarantee & Remake Policy

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the workmanship and materials of the appliance purchased. If, for any reason, the appliance is not acceptable at the time of receipt or at the time of insertion, we shall adjust, repair or replace the appliance at no charge. Simply return the prosthesis together with an explanation, your request for adjustment, repair or replacement.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The oral appliance you purchased is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. The repair or complete replacement of the appliance is covered. Excluding all-ceramic restorations and removables that are warranted for a two-year period.

What Is Not Covered

Repairs, relines and transitional restoration. Cash refunds. Temporary replacements. Cost incurred for removal or reinsertion. Costs incurred by another laboratory. Breakage due to accident, neglect or abuse. Repairs necessitated by normal wear and/or failure of parts (i.e., implant components, precision attachments or connectors). Soft reline materials. Seals on Cu-Sil® restorations. Failure of the supporting bone, tooth or tissue structure. Disinfection and packaging. Incidentals or consequential damages including inconvenience, lost wages or earnings, or pain and suffering.