Digital Technology Offering Greater Efficiency

The future of dentistry is steadily transitioning into digitization. Technology is now combining dental digital impression scanning, fabrication planning, design, automated production processes and digital patient file storage.

The benefits include outstanding precision, case accuracy and efficiency throughout the fabrication process yielding faster turnaround times.

With digital patient file storage, clinicians and patients, alike can enjoy the simplicity of reordering an appliance if damaged or lost, eliminating additional chair time.

At Assured Dental Lab, our dental digital impression scanning, with digital design and digital fabrication increases accuracy, production and reduces manual labor. Milling machines also minimize labor involvement and accelerate the turnaround of cases.

Regardless of whether our clinicians are considering digital fabrication processes or have already established digital technology within their dental practices, we are knowledgeable and a great resource; offering clinical support with many digital platforms.

Send Dental Digital Impressions

  • Call 1-800-577-8767
  • Select option 2 for technical support
  • Provide our lab name and our customer number: Lab ID: 15093
  • On the scanner, go to settings and select “Sync configuration”
  • Go to
  • Login to your Meditlink Account
  • Click on PARTNERS, then “INVITE PARTNER” (upper right hand side).
  • Enter our email address for Assured Dental Lab:
  • We will accept and then we are connected.

Is There A Bright Future With Digital Dentistry?

With rising costs due to inflation and supply chain shortages, dental practitioners are seeking services to increase profitability, production and add new patients. It would appear that digital dentistry is a viable solution that is readily available.

Digital dentistry reduces chair time, eliminates restoration remakes, decreases supply costs and can be done by others within the practice; all things that contribute to practice efficiency.

In addition to that, consider the patient’s appreciation of seeing their images and immediately understanding, not only the benefit of the recommended treatment but that of their investment in their oral health.

If increasing practice efficiency is a goal, we believe it’s essential to partner with a full-service dental lab that is not only knowledgeable and possessing the expertise with multiple digital platforms but offers accessibility to their skilled technicians.

That’s what we deliver at Assured Dental Lab. We support clinicians who desire to grow practice efficiency with digital dentistry and our skilled technicians are available by phone while you’re chairside!

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