Quality Products, Innovative Technology & Certified Expertise Available At Assured Dental Lab–A Full Service Dental Lab

Assured Dental Lab delivers high-quality dental restorations and appliances, by utilizing FDA-approved materials, leading-edge digital impression technology, traditional techniques, the expertise and technical skills of seasoned, certified dental technicians, complete with exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. We have proven to be the “go-to” full-service dental lab for our clinicians.

A key benefit of working with a full-service dental lab is our ability to assist clinicians with basic dentistry needs to complex restorative solutions; from natural-appearing crown and bridge of varying composition including adhesive design, complete and partial dentures including implant-retained and precision attachments to orthodontic appliances.

“At Assured Dental Lab, we understand that your patient’s smile is important to you! That’s why we offer crown & bridge, implants, removables, guards, and orthodontic appliances to help you achieve that perfect smile!  As a full-service dental lab, it is the commitment of our certified technicians to pursue ongoing education to always provide our clinicians with the latest, proven technological solutions that will yield exceptional results: natural-looking aesthetics, case accuracy and on-time delivery. We stand behind each fabricated case and work to minimize your chair time.”

Dang Tran, C.D.T. | Ceramics Department Manager

Crown And Bridge

Aesthetic Z™

Aesthetic Z™ is one of the most translucent, highly-aesthetic zirconia materials available today. This restorative material reflects translucency and color similar to natural dentition. Aesthetic Z™ is a strong, aesthetic solution for your anterior and posterior cases and kind to natural opposing dentition.

  • Flexural strength of 769 MPa
  • Optimal translucency 
  • High aesthetics
  • Ideal for single-unit posteriors and anterior bridges up to 3 units

Aesthetic Z+

Aesthetic Z+™ is the revolutionary formulation of high-strength zirconia that dentists prefer! The superior flexural strength of 1250 MPa results in fewer fractures.

  • Flexural strength of 1250 MPa 
  • Translucent – high aesthetics
  • Ideal for anterior/posterior single units and bridges up to 14 units


Z-Brux™ is a 100% full-milled, pure Zirconia restoration… with no porcelain overlay… no porcelain fractures!

  • Flexural strength of 1250 MPa
  • Aesthetic alternative to gold restoration and PFM
  • Excellent marginal fit
  • Ideal for posteriors, crowns and bridges, implant restorations and crowns with limited occlusal clearance

IPS e.max®

IPS e.max® is a monolithic, lithium disilicate ceramic that delivers outstanding aesthetic and precision fit. 

  • Flexural strength of 500 MPa
  • Ideal for single-unit anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, screw/cement retained implant crowns, three-unit anterior bridges.

PFM Restorations

The PFM (Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal) restoration has been the dental industry’s mainstay for more than fifty years. The PFM can be the only option for those difficult and complex situations that require high strength with minimal space.

Metal Restorations

Metal crowns are available in almost every metal choice – all of which are nickel and beryllium free. With non-precious to high noble options, full-metal remains a proven material of choice for a wide-range of clinical needs.

Metal Content Information

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Dentures, Flexible Partial Dentures & Nightguards

Dentures, full-cast and flexible partial dentures and nightguards continue to be sought-after appliances that clinicians provide to their edentulous and aesthetic-seeking patients. Although the clinical techniques for removables haven’t changed throughout the years, clinicians can count on Assured Dental Lab to stay abreast of the latest materials and processing technologies to assist them when providing dentures, full-cast and flexible partial dentures and nightguards to patients.

“Whether you work with our crown and bridge, dentures, flexible partial dentures, nightguards, implants or our appliance departments, we’re a great resource for you. We utilize the latest technology to offer the quality, the consistency and the predictability that you’re looking for chairside–which is going to make the difference of 5-minute seats instead of 40-minute seats.”

Richard Trout, C.D.T.

Removable Partial & Denture Solutions

Aesthetic Flex™ Partial

Aesthetic Flex™ is an innovative, advanced thermoplastic partial solution that delivers comfort and clear clasp material offers superior aesthetics for high patient satisfaction.

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Remarkably resistant to stains and odors; won’t discolor
  • Thin, yet virtually unbreakable
  • Flexible and translucent for high patient satisfaction
  • Easy to adjust and polish

Full-Cast Partials

Full-Cast Partials represent an excellent practical and affordable prosthetic choice available for your patients. Even though full-cast partials are made of stronger materials, they are less bulky. They fit better and last longer, providing years of comfort for your patient.

  • Non-Allergenic (nickel and beryllium free)
  • Unsurpassed memory
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Beautiful polishability


Dentures continue to play a significant role in dentistry. Our complete dentures are designed to be comfortable, retentive and less prone to cracking and staining than other materials; meeting the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Acrylic is also less susceptible to accidental breakage and generally better for denture patients with bone loss. Heat curing provides for maximum strength and fit.

  • Economy Denture – Lucitone-199® Acrylic
  • Standard Denture – Lucitone-199® Acrylic
  • Premium Denture – Ivocap Heat Injected

DreamGuard™ 3D printed

DreamGuard represents revolutionary, digital printing production of nightguards and splints. The process ensures high-quality, unparalleled design and precision fit. It’s your dream come true with minimal chairside adjustments and exceptional patient comfort!

Benefits for Clinicians:

  • Send traditional PVS or digital impressions
  • Provide patients quicker turnaround time
  • No need for rework or patient visit to replicate lost/damaged splints due to digital file storage
  • Indications: nightguards and splints

Benefits for Patients:

  • Rigid outside/soft inside; flexible for patient comfort
  • Transparent, resistant to staining
  • High impact resistance, less likely to break or fracture

Nightguard – Laminated

The laminated Nightguard, designed for moderate to heavy teeth grinding, offers ease of jaw muscle pain and protects teeth against grinding damage. The guard is rigid on the outside offering excellent protection while the inner soft ensures comfort and fit.

Nightguard – Hard

The hard Nightguard, designed to protect dentition from teeth grinding and clenching, can be worn at night or during the day to provide occlusal comfort. Custom fit that ensures maximum rigidity and strength.

Partner With a Talented Dental Implant Lab

If you are seeking a wide range of implant options to meet the needs of every patient, partner with us as your dental implant lab. Assured Dental Lab is a valuable resource for delivering natural-looking and long-lasting solutions to your patients’ smile concerns. For over two decades, we have provided artificial teeth and leading-edge implant solutions. Our seasoned implant specialists provide long-term functional and aesthetic solutions for the multiple situations that you encounter. We are constantly investing in innovative materials and procedures to make sure that we stay at the forefront of dental technology. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Assured Dental Lab is proud to offer a wide range of leading-edge implant solutions.

Our genuine full-arch implant solution is designed to provide a permanent, secure and natural-looking replacement for all of the teeth in a patient’s upper or lower jaw.

Our CAD/CAM abutments are also made with biocompatible zirconia or titanium and are available in a variety of sizes and angles. We are familiar with all of the leading implant manufacturers and are happy to assist identifying parts needed to unknown systems, as well. CAD/CAM abutments offer many benefits, including enhanced stability, easier placement and customized emergence profiles.

No matter what type of dental implant solution you are looking for, you can find it at Assured Dental–your leading-edge dental implant lab.

If you would like to learn more about our dental implant solutions, please contact us today.

“It’s challenging, while running a dental practice, to stay abreast of all the implant systems and components available. As an experienced All-On-Four® technician and having worked with 3,000+ implant cases with ClearChoice, I can provide you with viable options to ensure an accurate fit and aesthetics that yield patient referrals.”

Richard Trout, C.D.T.


Create and Protect Those Winning Smiles With Our Orthodontic Lab

Our orthodontic lab offers a variety of appliances. Our space maintainers, functional appliances and retainers are crafted by our certified technicians with the highest precision.

For years, there have been studies stating misaligned teeth is a contributing factor to lower levels of self-esteem. More recently, when meeting by Zoom, the screen hours have amplified the importance of teeth aesthetics, and hence, escalating lower levels self-esteem issues. These factors have contributed to the rise of cosmetic cases in orthodontic care. These numbers are only expected to continue to increase. Clear aligners currently represents a $3.1B market and is projected to see rapid growth reaching $17B by 2028, predicted from a Grand View Market Analysis Report.

According to the ADA, it has also been reported that there is a rise in individuals visiting clinicians for stress-related conditions, such as clenching and teeth grinding. These conditions cause headaches, muscle pain and damage to teeth and gum tissues. Some individuals may seek over-the-counter help, but as you know there is much greater success in quality and protection with custom-fabricated, dual-laminated, dentist-prescribed appliances. 

When working with a patient to protect their teeth and improve their self-esteem, partner with our orthodontic lab. We’re equipped to help create and protect those winning smiles that your patients are seeking!

At Assured Dental Lab, we offer our clinicians the state-of-the-art appliances to help their patients who struggle with stress-related conditions, such as clenching and teeth grinding, and patients who are wanting to protect their teeth and gum tissues. As the orthodontic industry continues to grow and evolve given the desire of individuals to create and maintain the perfect smile, we continually keep abreast of technological developments to meet the needs of our clinicians. We are committed to offering the latest functional appliances, such as custom mouthguards or expanders, retainers and space retainers that will always be crafted by our certified technicians with the highest precision. Our orthodontic lab will support you in creating beautiful smiles for your patients.

Richard Trout, C.D.T.