Graphic of Gold foil balloons in the numbers 2024, but the zero is a tooth mold. The balloons are up against a sky blue background.
A close up of a person's mouth putting in a clear occlusal mouth guard up against a brown background.

Beyond Bruxism: Multifaceted Benefits of Occlusal Mouth Guards

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Picture of a hybrid dental implant against a black background.

A Revolution in Restorative Dentistry: The Rise of Hybrid Dental Implants

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Zirconia Implant Restorations: Transforming Dental Standards

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Close-up photograph displaying zirconia crown dental restorations, showcasing their detailed structure and texture, set against a clean white background.

A Comparative Analysis of Aesthetic Z and Aesthetic Z+ for Outstanding Zirconia Crown Restorations

If you're a dentist or a prosthodontist, you've probably been…