The Face-Off: DreamGuard™ Vs Traditional Nightguards – An Exploration of Benefits and Innovation

Your patient’s smile is a priceless possession, and it’s only right to protect it in the best way possible. Nightguards are beneficial in saving teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism. But when it comes to prescribing a nightguard, do you go with the conventional route, or do you opt for something revolutionary like DreamGuard?

Understanding Traditional Nightguards

A flag-bearer of oral protection, traditional nightguards have long since been the go-to product for dentists worldwide. They serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Preventing tooth damage due to grinding or clenching during sleep
  • Protecting the jaw from stress
  • Mitigating problems like sleep apnea and snoring

Yet, wearers often find these guards cumbersome due to their lack of customizability or inability to comfortably fit. There’s more. An ill-fitted guard could pose significant risk causing breathing issues or oral injuries, thereby dampening their appeal.

Breaking Down DreamGuard Nightguards

DreamGuard nightguards, on the other hand, are an innovative game-changer in the realm of dental protection, serving as a high-tech alternative to traditional guards. Designed by Assured Dental Lab, DreamGuard; an occlusal appliance produced through 3D-printed production offering clinicians precise fit and exceptional patient comfort.

DreamGuard nightguards offer substantial benefits that overcomes the limitations of its predecessors. 

Here’s how.

Comfort and Customizability

Unlike traditional nightguards, DreamGuard is impressively sleek and compact. Its fit isn’t just about being right–it’s about being perfect! With 3D scanning and printing technology, it ensures a high-quality, patient-specific fit that conforms exactly to teeth and mouth structure whether the impression has been taken through traditional PVS or digital technology.

Durability and Longevity

DreamGuard nightguards are crafted with a rigid outside, soft inside, and offers flexibility for patient comfort. Its material is high-impact resistant, less likely to break or fracture! DreamGuard benefits continue with being transparent and resistant to staining! This all translates into a nightguard that patients will enjoy wearing; hence offering long-lasting protection for their beautiful smiles!

Enhanced User and Provider Experience

DreamGuard also takes the user experience to the next level. It addresses issues of discomfort, speech difficulty and salivation that wearers commonly associate with traditional nightguards – its sleek design and perfect fit lead to the ultimate patient satisfaction. As the provider, DreamGuard nightguards can be manufactured from traditional PVS or digital impressions. You are able to provide patients with quicker turnaround times and there is no need for rework or an additional patient visit to replicate a lost/damaged nightguard due to our digital storage.

DreamGuard NightGuards- A Forward-Looking Alternative

From the benefits it offers, it’s evident that DreamGuard nightguards are engineered to surpass expectations, providing cutting-edge oral protection you and your patients will love!

Final Thoughts

While traditional nightguards have surely made a mark, they are not without limitations. It is here that products like DreamGuard make their presence felt. Delivering tailored comfort, robust defense, and a superior user experience, its rise as the forward-looking alternative to traditional nightguards.

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